get the signifier (name for an object) or signified (object for a name) from a secure-scuttlebutt database.


install as server side sbot plugin

names.get (cb)

get all naming relationships


get all image assigned relationships

names.getImageFor(id, cb)

get the image for an id

names.getSignifier(id, cb)

get the name for an id. returns a name for this id.

names.getSignifies(name, cb)

get ids that have been named name. outputs an array:

``` [{ name: name, //a full name matched from name id: id, //the feed id rank: i, named: //what you would normally call this feed. })


The algorithm iterates over all naming relationships, when looking up a name for someone, in these order:

If you have selected a name for them, use your name. If your direct friends name them, use the most popular name. Else if friends of friends name them, use the most popular foaf name.

If no one you know names them, use their self-declared name.

friend's names for them have precidence over self-declared names because self-declared names are vulnerable to an attacker simply claiming the same name and avatar. With other-declared names, they'd need to convince your friends to rename them one by one.



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