manage multiple ssb identities, as an sbot plugin.


var createSbot = require('scuttlebot')

var sbot = createSbot(config)
// locally or via an remote ssb-client connection

sbot.identities.list(function (err, data) {
  // do things

This module uses the addUnboxer method of ssb db so that encrypted messages will be decrypted before being passed to database views.


identities.main (cb)

returns the main identity (

identities.list (cb)

returns the list of identities, with the main identity first.

identities.create (cb)

create a new identity, stored in ~/.ssb/identities/secret_[N].butt where N is the left-padded number of this identity. returns the id of the newly created identity.

The file created will use the ssb-keys format`

identities.publishAs({id:id, content: obj, private: boolean}, cb)

publish a message as a specific identity. id must be provided and must be already in the identities list. If private is true, content.recps must be set. recps must contain the id.

More information about sbot plugins

For more information about these type of plugins, refer to the in the secret-stack repository.



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