Channel a bunch of files from a dom event into the blob store. Get some tweaks and checks made along the way.


var h = require('mutant/h')
var blobFiles = require('ssb-blob-files')

var opts = {
  stripExif: true,
  resize: { width: 640, height: 480 },
  isPrivate: true

var fileInput = h('input', {
  type: 'file',
  attributes: { multiple: true }, // permit multiple files to be attached
  'ev-change': (ev) => {
    var files =
    blobFiles(files, server, opts, (err, result) => {  // server is a connection to scuttlebutt server = ''

      if (err) console.log('oh noes') 
      else // do something with the result data


blobFiles(files, server, opts cb)

files - an Array of files of the format delivered by file input events

server - a connection to a scuttlebot server (either an ssb-client instance, or an observeable which resolves to one)

opts - (optional) an options Object of the form:

  stripExif: Boolean,   // (default: false) removes exif data from images (geo-location, camera meta data, etc)
  resize: Object,       // (default: undefined) resizes image if possible. Expected properties: width, height
  quality: Number,      // (default: 0.85) tune the compression of jpegs. value between 0 and 1
  isPrivate: Boolean    // (default: false) encrypts the blob

If a blob is private, it gets encryted and the unbox key is attached to the end of the link property in the result output (see cb details)

cb - a callback with signature (err, result) which is run for each file that is processed. The shape of the result object is

  link: BlobId,  // hash id in the blob store, will have an unbox key on the end if isPrivate was true
  name: String,  // the filename
  size: Integer, // size in bytes
  type: String   // the MimeType

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