Adapter for epidemic-broadcast-trees to secure-scuttlebutt


There are several scripts in ./debug which I used for testing ebt replicaiton.

use ./debug/remote.js <address> to connect to an sbot running ebt and replicate. Running this won't store anything locally, it will just download everything drop it on the floor. This is used to test performance of ebt on a server.

I normally see values between 2k and 3k messages per second, that replicates 100k messages in under a minute.


ebt.block (from, to, blocking)

blocks a peer and disallows them from connecting. They are also removed from peers, so there is no connecting to them. Also disallows peers to pass on data to them.

ebt.replicate (opts)

creates a duplex replication stream to the remote peer. when two peers connect, the peer who initiated the call (the client) should call this. It is not intended to be called by the user.

ebt.request (feedId, toReplicate)

request that feedId be replicated. toReplicate is a boolean, replicate feed if true. If set to false, replication is immediately stopped.

ebt.peerStatus (id, cb)

query the status of replication for a given feed id. returns a small data structure showing the replication state for all peers we are currently connected to.

output looks like this:

  "id": "@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519",
  "seq": 13293, //the sequence we have locally.
  "peers": {
    //where each of these peers are up to:
    "@TRE4lNNXrtx3KK9Tgks2so2PjCP6w9tRvsy7wyqiyo4=.ed25519": {
      "seq": 13293, //the sequence this peer has acknowledged, we definitely know they have this number.
      "replicating": {
        "tx": true,
        "rx": true,
        "sent": 13293, //the sequence we have sent to this peer. They _probably_ have this, but not gauranteed.
        "requested": 13293 //the sequence we requested from this peer
    "@h1fDsZgwBtZndnRDHCFV84TMZYl16m3zhyTTQsE/V94=.ed25519": {
      "seq": 13293,
      "replicating": {
        "tx": true,
        "rx": false,
        "sent": 13293,
        "requested": 13293



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