render patchwork/ssb messages to markdown.

patchwork has a few changes from standard markdown.

  • emoji - everybody hearts emoji
  • ssb links - links to cryptographic objects see ssb-ref
  • mentions - @mentions like on twitter or github. mentions allow people to convieniently talk to each other, but are written as both the name used, plus the cryptographic reference.


var md = require('ssb-markdown')

md.block(source, opts)

Render raw markdown source to html. The output will be html content without a surrounding tag.

md.inline (source, opts)

Render raw markdown to a single line of test, suitable for a one line preview that is opened to a view rendered with block.


An object containing custom markdown rendering functions. opts are the same for both md.block and md.inline

toUrl is a function which accepts an ssb-ref or @-mention string, and whether it is for an image or not, and returns a url string.

imageLink is a function which accepts an ssb-ref and will be used to generate links to wrap any images.

emoji is a function which accepts an emoji as markup and over-rides the default emoji rendering behavior.


const opts = {
  toUrl: ref => renderUrlRef(ref),
  imageLink: ref => renderImageRef(ref),
  emoji: emojiAsMarkup => renderEmoji(emojiAsMarkup)

md.block(source, opts)

md.inline(source, opts)



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