Returns a set of functions as an API for validating, building, publishing and reading records related to gatherings


var Scuttle = require('scuttle-gathering')
var scuttle = Scuttle(server) // a scuttlebutt server or connection to one

scuttle.get(gatheringKey, (err, niceDataObject) => { ... })

API Methods, cb)

alias of: scuttle.gathering.async.publish

opts : an Object of form (title and startDateTime are the only required properties)

  title: String,
  startDateTime: {
    epoch: UnixTime,
    tz: String           // tz is optional
  progenitor: MessageId, // optional
  description: String,   // optional
  location: String,      // optional
  image: {               // optional
    link: Blob,
    name: String,        // name, size, type are optional
    size: Integer,
    type: MimeTypeString
  mentions: Array,       // optional
  recps: Array           // optional

The mentions and recps Arrays require elements that are of form FeedId or { link: FeedId, name: String }. If recps is are provided, the gathering and all interactions with it will be private (encrypted to the listed recps). A maximum of 7 recps can be provided, and you must manually include yourself (if you want to be able to see the gathering in future)

cb : a callback of signature (err, data)

scuttle.put(gatheringKey, opts, cb)

alias of scuttle.update.async.publish

gatheringKey is a messageId for your gathering opts is an Object of any of the gathering details you'd like to update (title, startDateTime, description, location, image, etc in the appropriate formats)

cb : a callback of signature (err, data)

scuttle.attending(gatheringKey, isAttending, cb)

alias of scuttle.attendee.async.publish

Publishes a message updating whether or not you're attending the gathering.

gatheringKey is a messageId for your gathering isAttending is a Boolean cb : a callback of signature (err, data)

NOTE - can also be called scuttle.attendee(key, cb) which is the same as saying isAttending true

scuttle.get(gatheringKey, cb)

alias of scuttle.gathering.async.get

Gets a 'document' - a reduced state of the 'gathering as a whole' of the form:

  key: MessageId,
  title: String,
  startDateTime: {
    epoch: UnixTime,
    tz: String                 // *
  progenitor: MessageId,
  description: String,
  location: String,
  image: {
    link: Blob,
    name: String,             // *
    size: Integer,            // *
    type: MimeTypeString      // *
  images: [ Image, Image, ... ] // Objects of same form as image property
  isAttendee: Boolean,
  attendees: [ FeedId, FeedId, ... ],
  notAttendees: [ FeedId, FeedId, ... ], // people who have explicitly said they are not coming, or cancelled
  heads: [ MessageId, .... ], // most recent message(s) in the document/ thread
  threads: [ MessageId, ... ] // all backlinks in causal order

Strings that haven't been set will be empty strings, sub-properties marked with * are optional and may not be present.



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